• In 1968, Southwest High School was the newest small school in a rural section of the city. Today, Southwest is one of the 21 FWISD high schools in a city with just over 900,000 residents, making Fort Worth the 13th largest city in the nation.  Over the past 55 years, our alumni and students have seen changes worldwide, from the first moonwalk to renewable energy advances. During that time, our school underwent a mascot change, but our pride, passion, and commitment to the community and one another have never wavered. Mascots have changed but we stand together bonded through traditions and proudly wearing our school colors. The Southwest High School faculty, staff, and students are committed to always striving for academic excellence. 



    SHS Vision, Mission, Motto


    At Southwest High School, our learning matches industry standards and college expectations through academically rigorous instruction, so that students can positively contribute to their community and maximize opportunities for success. 


    Excellence in Everything

    Focus on building strong relationships with stakeholders, providing rigorous classroom instruction and ensuring equitable and relevant learning for all students. 


    The Place To Be

    Southwest Raider Alma Mater

    Hail to our school, our own Southwest,
    Throughout the land, it is the best.
    As years go by we pledge to thee,
    Our faith and steadfast loyalty,
    With friendships made and knowledge gained and all the highest goals attained,
    You’ve helped to make our lives so full, our own Southwest.
    Southwest Raider Fight Song
    The Raiders fight for Southwest High.  
    They cannot beat us if they tried.  
    Get that ball and show them once again.  Sock it to ‘em Raiders, you can win.  
    Now get them red and white and blue.  For we are mighty proud of you.  
    And every team we meet, they find us hard to beat.  
    For we are Raiders through and through.  
    Fight Raiders fight.  Win tonight.
    Fight ‘em Raiders F-I-G-H-T. That’s the way we spell victory.  
    Red white blue we’re with you.  And every team we meet.