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    The YWLA Art Program will empower young women to find their voice, their passion, and a path to change the world through Visual Art.


    • Find Voice/Identity/Style
    • Passion: Students will learn to take controle of the narrative of their lives
    • Envision Future
    • Confident/High Self-esteem
    • Adventurous
    • Indpendent thinkers


    • Hone exemplary skills
    • Learn a wide variety of techniques
    • Have a strong, working knowledge of Art History and understand the cntxt of art in today's society
    • Develop healthy life and studio habits to foster creativity and positive thinking
    • Travel nationally and abroad, gaining an understanding of cultures
    • College readiness
    • Opportunity to take 4 AP Art classes
    • Real life entrepreneurial and business experience


    • Partner with museums, art galleries, design firms, and festivals to create internships and collaborations
    • Students will understand how their art can help enrich and improve the communities they live in
    • Students will understand the importance of service to others
    • Students will make lasting community connections and contacts
  • Bailey

    Amber Bailey


    Ms. Bailey is a graduate of Abilene Christian University. She is a working artist who prefers fibers and painting as her mediums. This is her thirteenth year to teach art in the FWISD. She also has a background working in museums. Ms. Bailey is married, has four children, a granddaughter, and a crazy labradoodle named Charlie.