• Welcome to Texas Academy of Biomedical Sciences

    TABS Texas Academy of Biomedical Sciences is located in the West Fork building of Tarrant County College's beautiful and state-of-the-art Trinity River Campus. An Early College High School, TABS serves students of all walks of life who desire careers in the medical field.

    Information about our Capital Improvement Program can be found here. The latest Campus Improvement Plan for TABS can be found here.

    Mission statement

    The mission of the Texas Academy of Biomedical Sciences is to provide students from the greater Fort Worth area with a rigorous curriculum in an early college environment, to prepare them for the demands of a career in biomedical sciences and to promote experiences associated with those careers.


    The Texas Academy of Biomedical Sciences is committed to educating students to be successful professionals and valuable members of the Fort Worth community. Students, teachers, parents and administrators are dedicated to working together and creating an environment that encourages curiosity and questioning. Students and teachers challenge one another to push their limits and expand their knowledge. In the classroom, assemblies and extracurricular activities, students are focused on their task, innovative in their thinking, excited to break barriers and driven to achieve their goals. The members of the TABS family are prepared and enthusiastic for each day, take responsibility for their actions and are devoted to being lifelong learners.

    Four tenets of TABS

    • Language: Through language, we articulate thoughts; we communicate ideas.
    • Culture: Through culture, we celebrate our history; we cultivate our traditions.
    • Knowledge: We crave knowledge. We seek wisdom; we develop understanding.
    • Responsibility: We relish responsibility. We seek to serve; we cherish the opportunity to serve.