2018-2019 District & Area Band Members

18-19 District Band
  • The Cougar Band hosted the FWISD District Band Contest on Tuesday, November 27th. This is a band event where 450 students from high schools around the district come together to perform an audition to compete for a spot in an elite ensemble. They are given 3 college level pieces to prepare over the course of several months and compete against students on their same instrument to make the All-District Band. I am pleased to announce that the Cougar Band had 8 students make the All-District Band last night!!

    Adrienne William
    2nd Chair Flute

    Andi Klundt
    4th Chair Flute

    Jasmin Mejia
    9th Chair Flute 

    Ja'Kedrick Jackson
    8th Chair Clarinet 

    Aaron Haney
    1st Chair Bari Saxophone 

    Oscar Animas
    2nd Chair Horn 

    Blaine Williams
    3rd Chair Horn 

    Justin Grammer
    Alternate Horn

    UPDATED: 12/10/18
    I am pleased to announce that Oscar Animas and Blaine Williams not only made the top Region Band, but they qualified for the next round of auditions! At the next round, both have the opportunity to make the All-State Band! 

    Oscar Animas
    4th Chair Orchestra
    Area Qualifier 

    Blaine Williams
    8th Chair Orchestra
    Area Qualifier

  • 2018-2019
    Mighty Cougar Band Members

    Sonia Aranda -- 9th
    Emma Bowes -- 9th
    Hudson Cole -- 9th
    Sarai Franklin -- 9th
    David Haney -- 9th
    Aiden King -- 9th
    Yasmin Maldenado -- 9th
    Brenice Mattes -- 9th
    Jacqueline Meza -- 9th
    Sacha Milhouse -- 9th
    Chancler Feacher -- 10th
    Jairek Henry -- 10th
    Ja’Kedrick Jackson -- 10th
    Jennifer Martinez -- 10th
    Jorge Melendez -- 10th
    Leondra Smith -- 10th
    Jonathan Wandersee -- 10th
    Jada Wheatley -- 10th
    Samantha Williams -- 10th
    Oscar Animas -- 11th
    Judah Huckleberry -- 11th
    Spencer Island -- 11th
    Andi Klundt -- 11th
    Neida Prado -- 11th
    Edgar Rios -- 11th
    Savana Simmons -- 11th
    Abigael Allen -- 12th
    Andrea Botello -- 12th
    Yimi Bravo -- 12th
    Caleb Carranza -- 12th
    Josh Chuca -- 12th
    Sebastian Enriquez -- 12th
    Esmeralda Garcia -- 12th
    Anjelica Gonzales -- 12th
    Justin Grammer -- 12th
    Aaron Haney -- 12th
    Kaylee Hayes -- 12th
    Sidney Hernandez -- 12th
    Sean Hiller -- 12th
    Elizabeth Holmes -- 12th
    Vic’Tayonessia Johnson -- 12th
    Lindy Luker -- 12th
    Jasmin Mejia -- 12th
    Breana Melendez -- 12th
    Brisa Nava -- 12th
    Mariano Sabas -- 12th
    Danielle Savage -- 12th
    Allan Sifuentes -- 12th
    Alejandra Velazquez -- 12th
    Blaine Williams -- 12th
    Adrienne Williams -- 12th