• UIL Band Success

    Posted by Meggan Hinds on 4/28/2022

    This week on Tuesday and Wednesday the Cougar Bands attended the UIL Concert and Sightreading Contest where each band performs 3 pieces of music for a set of 3 judges and performs another piece they have never seen before for another set of three judges. 

    I am proud to announce that our Non-Varsity Band came away with Superior ratings in both the concert and sightreading portions and earned the first NV Band Sweepstakes trophy we have had at our school in 12 years!

    Shoutout to those students and their director Hannah Gonzales for all their hard work to create a beautiful performance - this is awesome!

    Our Varsity band students came away with Excellent ratings on stage and in the sightreading room, and even though they didn't get a trophy, had a wonderful performance and we are very proud! 

    These students have worked so incredibly hard over the past several months, and we could not be prouder of them! The last time our bands competed at these contests was 2019, so it was a long time getting back to this point. Onwards and upwards -- and Go Cougars!

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  • Winterguard Championships

    Posted by Ms. Hinds on 3/12/2022

    Shoutout to our Western Hills Winterguard as today they ended their competition season at the Winterguard Novice Championships, held at Mansfield High School.

    After two years of not being able to compete, our kids took 10th place! Led by our guard captains Yasmin Maldonado and Eduardo "Angel" Ortiz, we are so excited for our students! Our full roster is:

    • Yasmin Maldonado, Guard Captain
    • Eduardo "Angel" Ortiz, Guard Captain
    • A'Lexis Brooks
    • Erik Martinez
    • Areli Nunez
    • Leci Rushing
    • Maricela Rincon
    • Oscar Portillo
    • A'Leena Gentry
    • Ella Coffman
    • Kelly Garvin
    • Arly Mendez
    • Chi Madison
    • Jayla Madison

    Pictures have been added to our picture gallery.

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  • Band & Winterguard Success

    Posted by Ms. Hinds on 2/22/2022

    The Cougar Band and Winterguard also had some awesome success this Saturday with our participation in the FWISD Solo and Ensemble Contest, and our Winterguard's participation at the Lamar HS Guard Contest.


    In our first competition of the season, the Winterguard got 5th place overall at the contest and were only 2 points out of first place!! We are super proud of their progress and look forward to their next contest this weekend at Berkner HS. The students who performed on Saturday were:

    Yasmin Maldonado
    Eduardo "Angel" Ortiz
    Erik Martinez
    Arly Mendez
    Kelly Garvin
    Ella Coffman
    A'Leena Gentry
    Yamileth Lezama
    Maricela Rincon
    Areli Nunez
    Leci Rushing
    A'Lexis Brooks

    FWISD Solo and Ensemble Contest

    The students below practiced and prepared ensembles to perform for a judge. All of our students who participated walked away with either a Gold, Silver, or Bronze medal for their performance. Please congratulate the students below for their achievements!

    Gold Medalists

    • Brass Ensemble
      • Foy Ellis
      • Nelson Moore
      • David Haney
      • Logan Wagner
    • Saxophone Ensemble
      • Luis Alcocer
      • Noah Watson
      • Alvaro Prado

    Silver Medalists 

    • Flute Ensemble 1
      • Ximena Miranda Castillo
      • Nathalie Mejia
    • Flute Ensemble 2
      • Giselle Gamez
    • Clarinet Ensemble 1
      • Sonia Aranda
      • Nicholas McDonald
      • Mercedes Henderson
      • Jack Magness
    • Reed Ensemble
      • Elaina Montalvo
      • Nick Mendez
      • Alvaro Prado
    • Trumpet Ensemble
      • Leslie Bustamante
      • Erik Serrato
      • Jose Mendieta-Rubio
    • Tuba Ensemble
      • Aidan Davis
      • Clever Payumo
    • Percussion Ensemble 1
      • Areli Nunez
      • TJ Hamilton
      • Bre'Azia Cleveland
    • Percussion Ensemble 2
      • Madison Allen
      • Diego Hernandez Natal

    Bronze Medalists

    • Clarinet Ensemble 2
      • Isaiah Pascall
      • Noel Watson
    • Trombone Ensemble
      • Kevin Vargas Salinas
      • Jennifer Ceron
      • Nicholas Sanford
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  • Band Members
    Madison Allen
    Sonia Aranda
    Esdras Arreaga
    Leslie Bustamente
    A'Lexis Brooks
    Bre'Azia Cleveland
    Ella Coffman
    Aidan Davis
    Foy Ellis
    Kelly Garvin
    Jakiyah Grady
    David Haney
    TJ Hamilton
    Diego Hernandez
    Avery Klundt
    Yasmin Maldonado
    Isabelle Martin
    Nicholas McDonald
    Jose Mendieta Rubio
    Jack Magness
    Isabelle Martin
    Erik Martinez
    Ximena Miranda Castillo
    Nathalie Mejia
    Arly Mendez
    Nick Mendez
    Elaina Montalvo
    Areli Nunez
    Kristina Nunoo
    Tyler O'Quinn
    Angel Ortiz
    Isaiah Pascall
    Oscar Portillo
    Alvaro Prado
    Orlando Renovato
    Leci Rushing
    Kelly Sanchez
    Nicholas Sanford
    Erik Serrato
    Kevin Vargas Salinas
    Leslie Zavala