• Extracurricular Activities at Trimble Tech

    Involvement is key at Trimble Tech.  Link Crew connects the Freshmen with wise upperclassmen as their mentors, so from day one they are drawn into the life of the school.  All of the clubs and organizations at Tech are involved in community service projects including visiting the many nursing homes in the area, tutoring at the nearby elementary schools, assembling CARE packages for our troops in Iraq, and organizing blood drives. Tech students make a difference! Our great adopters get very involved by providing students with many invaluable opportunities and by being in our school for many events and celebrations. There are many extra-curricular opportunities--definitely plan to be involved!           


    911 Remembrance Ceremony

      JROTC Wreath Ceremony remembering 9-11




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     Art Club

     Alyssa Vallecorsa,
    Dave West

    The TTHS Art Club is provides materials, instruction and support for those students who are seeking a creative outlet in addition to their academic schedule.  The TTHS Art club integrates art history, contemporary arts and other art activities that the students wish to investigate.  Some activities include murals, school spirit signs, face painting, henna designs, personal artwork and learning new techniques in art making.
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    Dwayne Henry, Boys' Athletic Coordinator,
    Girls' Athletic Coordinator


    Students in team sports are expected to develop health-related fitness and an appreciation for teamwork and fair play.  Participating in athletics reinforces the concept of incorporating physical activity into a lifestyle beyond high school.  Trimble Tech offers basketball, soccer, baseball, softball, volleyball, track, cross country, wrestling, and tennis.
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    AVID Reggie Baker Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) is an elective course where students work at improving their study skills.  Note taking, outlining, writing, speaking, reading, test-taking strategies, time management, and self-awareness are stressed.  In addition, the course includes college awareness and motivational activities.  The mission of AVID is to ensure that all students will succeed in rigorous curriculum, complete a rigorous college preparatory path, enter mainstream activities of the school, and become educated and responsible participants and leaders in a democratic society.
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    Band Jacob Belk Band provides an opportunity for students to develop tone quality, instrumental skills/techniques, and marching fundamentals at the appropriate level.  There is mandatory attendance at all rehearsals, performances, football games, parades, pep rallies, marching festivals, and competitions.
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    Battle of the Books Rachel Pilcher Battle of the Books is an event designed to promote literacy through reading. The goals of the event are to encourage and recognize students who enjoy reading, to broaden reading interests, and to further involve students with quality children’s literature. Trimble Tech will have multiple teams competing against each other in three tournaments to determine the top two teams chosen to compete in the District competition in May. Each team has a teacher coach who will work with the team through practices to ensure that they are prepared and well read over the chosen books for competition for that school year.
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    Business Professionals of America



    Bernita Jackson, Head Sponsor
    All Business Teachers




    Business Professionals of America is the leading CTSO (Career and Technical Student Organization) for students pursuing careers in business management, office administration, information technology, and other related career fields.   BPA prepares students to succeed and assess real-world business skills and problem-solving abilities in finance, management, IT, and computer applications. BPA facilitates students demonstrating their career skills at regional, state, and national conferences in 72 competitive events. 

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    Choir  Cole Stanley Choral music offers instruction in the care and development of the voice and the production and control of tone.  Students will be introduced to musical instruction in various musical styles and genres and will incorporate various techniques in order to better understand and appreciate culturally diverse styles of literature.  Students will participate in TMEA, UIL, and All City Choir auditions.  Students will perform at concerts, festivals, and competitive activities.  Attendance at all performances is required.  Choir students also participate in our fantastic, annual musical productions.
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    Drama Club Cheryl Penland The purpose of the Drama Club ("The Showdawgs") is to provide opportunities outside of the theatre class for students to participate in theatre activities and events, to socialize with other students in the program, to make Trimble Tech High School more aware of the theatre program and its productions, and to contribute to the school-wide atmosphere of pride.  The goal of the Drama Club is to increase the personal skills and knowledge of theatre arts in students by recognizing their achievements in theatre, by providing learning opportunities, and by fostering a respect and appreciation for Theatre and all of the Fine Arts.
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    Environmental Club Cynthia Jankowski The mission of the Environmental Club or "Green Team" is to raise environmental awareness on campus and in the community.  We will do this through service projects, and we will also run the recycling program at school which will be picked up every week.  We meet on Mondays from 3:15 to 5:15 p.m. in Room 116.  The Environmental Club has provided recycling boxes for paper, soda cans, and plastic bottles.  The Green Team is now collecting used toner cartridges and old cell phones, laptops, mp3 players, and gps devices.  You can drop off your used items in the bin next door to the VP office, at Rm. 116, or leave it out with your recycling on Mondays after school during our normal collections.  With your donations, the Green Team can earn free equipment as well as help the environment.  Thank you very much for your support.
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    FCCLA (Family Career and Community Leaders of America)(

    Natasha Bruton

    Heather Kurima

    FCCLA is a national Career and Technical Student Organization that provides personal growth, leadership development, and career preparation opportunities to students in Family and Consumer Sciences education.  We focus on the multiple roles of the family member, wage earner, and community leader.  Members develop skills for life through character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communications, practical knowledge, and career preparation.  We are a nationally recognized chapter and bring students scholarship opportunities.
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    Fashion Divas

    Baylee Ware

    The Fashion Divas Club supports all things fashion for class members in the Fashion major.  We offer growth and development, community support, and a year-end school-wide fashion show.
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    French Club

     Brian Wooddell

    French Club gives students the opportunity to enrich their knowledge of the French language and francophone cultures throughout the world.  They experience French cuisine, film, games, art, and other customs outside of the classroom setting, all funded by the club's fundraising activities.  Students also share their knowledge by participating in homecoming activities, sponsoring an Easter egg hunt, and volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House.
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    Gamer X   The Gamer X Club is an after-school club where the kids play video games, card games, and board games.  Every now and then we watch movies and anime.  It gets students with similar interests together in a fun, friendly social environment.  We meet every Tuesday and Friday from 3:15 - 5:00 p.m.  
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    All HST Teachers

    Donna Skates, Lead Sponsor

    Health Occupations Student Association for students interested in a future career in healthcare.  All 6 HST teachers are involved.
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    JROTC MAJ Joe Pimentel

    Junior Reserve Officers Training Corp. (JROTC) familiarizes students with the concept of leadership and discusses rights, responsibilities, privileges, and freedoms that underlie good citizenship.  The Corp. develops students' appreciation of teamwork through instruction in drill and ceremonies and wearing of the uniform.  Students will participate in service learning activities.  JROTC enhances social and ethical values and introduces physical conditioning, proper diet, and nutrition.

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    Link Crew Natasha Bruton 

    Link Crew is a high school transition program that is built on the belief that students can help students succeed.  Juniors and seniors that apply to become Link Crew Leaders are mentors and positive role models for incoming freshmen. They welcomes them and makes them feel comfortable throughout the first year of their high school experience.  They help facilitate freshman success and learn leadership skills that helps in future growth and development.  Link Crew provides the structure for freshmen to receive support and guidance from juniors and seniors who have been through the challenges that high school poses and understand that the transition to high school can sometimes be overwhelming.  Link Crew Rocks!

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    Math Club "T-Squared" James Williams

    The Math Club students entered the Boat Regatta in the Spring of 2012. The Boat Regatta is where the students build a boat from cardboard and duct tape which holds the students and float the boat around the lazy river at Hurricane Harbor.  We are currently experimenting with buoyancy.  We split the club with underclassmen against Calculus students . . . and would you know the underclassmen won?!?!  The Math Club is also working on entering the Calculus Bowl for the first time ever at UT Arlington and taking a national ranking test in February!  Way to go guys! 

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    National Honor Society Michael Kessler The Trimble Tech Chapter of the National Honor Society seeks to recognize those junior and senior students who have maintained a minimum 4.0 GPA, exhibited high moral character, earned and served in leadership positions, and contributed to the community around them through service.  Once students are accepted for membership, they must maintain their grades, continue to demonstrate a high moral character, be present at meetings, and obtain 12 hours of service.  At the end of their senior year, those students who have completed their obligations to the TTHS Chapter of the National Honor Society are awarded an NHS collar and the blue and gold NHS cords for graduation.
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    Natural Helpers

    Dr. Michael Byrd


    The Natural Helpers began in the spring of 2000 with the premise that students with problems would rather talk to another student about their problems rather than an adult.  Students vote for other students they trust.  Those students are encouraged to attend the Natural Helpers Training.  
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    Orchestra  Tony Regalado Orchestra provides an opportunity for students to develop tone quality, instrumental skills/techniques, and music fundamentals at the appropriate level. Students will participate in rehearsals, concerts, festivals, and competitions.
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    Dr. Stephen Szyndler

    Ronnie Cope

    The Robotics Team focuses on building a robot from a kit to compete in the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Tech Challenge.  It’s way more than building robots.  FIRST participation is proven to encourage students to pursue education and careers in STEM-related fields, inspire them to become leaders and innovators, and enhance their 21st Century work-life skills. Following a sports model, FIRST® Tech Challenge teams (10+ members) design, build, program, and operate robots of their own design to play a floor game in an alliance format. Guided by adult Coaches and Mentors, students develop STEM skills and practice engineering principles, while realizing the value of hard work, innovation, and sharing ideas. Participants have access to tens of millions of dollars in college scholarships.

    Grades 7-12; ages 12-18

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    Rugby Club Alex McCulloch Rugby Club is open to male and female students who want to learn, play, and compete in one of the fastest-growing team sports in America.  Rugby contains fast-paced, continuous play of soccer combined with the physical contact of football.  Teams compete in the Olympic (7-a-side) version as well as the traditional 15-a-side version against other clubs in the District and beyond.  Female teams have the opportunity to compete in the fall and spring.  Male teams compete in the spring.
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    Spanish Club Rosalba Cruz The Spanish Club is an organization that focuses on Hispanic traditions and culture.  We promote a continuity of interest to motivate students and to increase their knowledge of all cultural and historical points of the Spanish-speaking world.
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    Speech/Debate   The Speech/Debate team is designed to improve students' abilities to organize their thoughts for the spoken word.  The extemporaneous team teaches quick thinking, expressive delivery, persuasion and informative techniques, and credibility through research for the arguments and opinions used in speeches.  Debaters learn to use critical argumentation, logical thinking, oral expression, questioning tactics, and research skills.  The teams compete in at least two invitational tournaments per year as well as UIL competition.  Scholarship opportunities are available for participants.
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    Student Council   The Trimble Tech Student Council is now online at:  http://sites.google.com/site/techstuco/ 
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    Whiz Quiz   Whiz Quiz is for participants in Grades 9-12 and encompasses a wide knowledge base for the competitions.  The students compete weekly within the District during the fall semester.  Some of the topics include religion, math, history, performing arts, technology, social studies, English, and art.  The teams have final tournament competitions for the top five winning teams, very similar to Jeopardy.