Cougar Athletics

Required Athletic Forms

  • Everyone who wants to participate in Athletics MUST complete the following:

    A Pre-participation Physical and Medical History.  Turn this into the Athletic Trainer (do not give to a coach or the office)
    Print a form by clicking Physical Form.

    UIL and FWISD required forms need to be completed and submitted electronically.

         -  Go to
         - click on "Fill Out Electronic Forms" in the top right
         - Select TX from the state drop down box
         - Select Fort Worth ISD from the school district list
         - Click the Electronic Participation Forms tab and the list of forms will appear.
         - Click on the top form in the list and complete the required information.  Enter an email address in the box at the bottom of the form and Submit

    Make sure to submit all 6 forms

Concussion Baseline Requirement

  • All Athletes MUST get marked by the Athletic Trainer for having a valid score on the Concussion Baseline before participating in off-season or in-season Athletic activity.

         - Football athletes must have a valid baseline before starting any contact

         - Any other sport starting in early August before the first day of classes must have a valid baseline before the first scrimmage for that sport

         - Any sport starting off-season Athletics of after the first day of classes must have a valid baseline before starting any activity

    This baseline will be completed online under the supervision of the student's coach or the Athletic Trainer. The baseline cannot be completed at home.


    The purpose of the Baseline is to have a record of each athlete's normal cognitive brain function so that, if a student suffers a concussion, they can repeat the assessment when symptom-free to make sure they are within 5% of function prior to injury.

Safety Training Requirement

    • Go to
    • If you have an existing Edpuzzle login then use it and skip down to joining the class “WH Athletics” step
    • If you don’t have an existing Edpuzzle login:
      • Click on “I’m a new student”
      • Enter first and last name in space provided
      • Enter a username using first name, last name and ID # all together with no spaces between like this – janedoe123456
      • Enter a password that you will remember
    • After signing up or logging in, click on join class in the upper left of the screen. Choose your class.
      • When prompted, enter this code for the class called
        "WH Girls Athletics": mopazbe
      • When prompted, enter this code for the class called
        “WH Boys Athletics”: ujborpi
    • When you join the class you will see 1 short presentation. Watch it and answer the questions when prompted.

    That’s it! You’ve completed the required safety training.