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    AP courses are offered at all high school sites. As the Advanced Placement program in Fort Worth continues to expand, the programs of choice coordinators work with their high schools’ Advanced Placement teachers to ensure that each course fits the framework of a college course. The annual AP Audit provids each Advanced Placement teacher in Fort Worth ISD the opportunity to review his/her current content by comparing what he/she teaches to college level requirements. By writing a professional syllabus according to College Board guidelines, students are assured they will receive instruction equal to a college survey course while still in a supportive high school environment. 

    Advanced Placement students are offered the annual opportunity to attend an AP/SAT Citywide Study Session at Texas Christian University.  Students are instructed by Fort Worth ISD instructors, some who are or have been College Board readers or consultants.  More than 20 course offerings include English, mathematics, science, social science and world language AP courses.  Teachers are invited to attend these sessions, also.  Our goal is to equitably provide support for students as well as a professional support base for teachers, who instruct these courses.