• Since 1968, Southwest's first year in existence, thousands of changes have taken place in our school, city, state, country, and world. Years ago we were the Rebels, a new small school in a rural section of the city. The only thing in the area was Southwest and a McDonalds! Today we are the Raiders, one of the 13 Fort Worth ISD high schools in a city of more than 600,000 residents. Over the past four decades our school has integrated, expanded, changed mascots, had hundreds of teachers, and thousands of students. Yet one thing that Southwest has always taken pride in has never changed, our strive for academic excellence. Southwest has consistently led the district in all aspects of academic life over the past 53 years.

    SHS Motto, Mission, Mantra Vision, and Values

    Mission: Excellence in Everything! Focus on building strong relationships with stakeholders, providing academic rigorous classroom instruction and ensuring that students understand the relevance of what they are learning.

    Motto: The place to be!

    Mantra: Be Better than Yesterday

    Vision: We strive to be the best high school in the city of Fort Worth, where students are challenged and supported in a way that produces excellent and equitable outcomes.

    Values: Perseverance, Creativity, Community, Dedication, School Spirit, Family