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    Welcome to the Daggett Montessori Faculty and Staff Page!  Here you will find interesting information about everyone that works at DMS including how to contact them by email and links to their class or club pages.  

    During the month of October we invite parents to participate in "Dragon Hunt"!

    Your challenge is to explore the entire DMS website and learn interesting information about our community and school.  Please email your answer to Mrs. Baker (click HERE).  The participant to submit the most correct answers daily (school days only) will win a...well, we're still working on that but it will be fun and you and your student(s) will be featured in Dragon-Bytes News in November.  

    Email your guess every week day by 3:00 pm. The 1st person to answer correctly on that day gets credit.

    "Dragon Hunt" Challenge Clue #14 (Friday, Oct. 19):  She's a travelling girl, from Peru to the West Coast! Who am I? 

    Email your answer to Mrs. Baker HERE 

    "Dragon Hunt" Challenge Clue #13 (Thursday, Oct. 18):  She's a Southern girl with a flair for the dramatics that took her all the way to New York. Who am I?  The answer is:  Jennifer Whitman answered by Abby Brammer!

    "Dragon Hunt" Challenge Clue #12 (Wednesday, Oct. 17):  They are our precious mother-daughter teaching duo on campus - who are we?  They are Kayla Gerred & Krisha Cook answered by Abby Brammer!

    "Dragon Hunt" Challenge Clue #11 (Tuesday, Oct. 16):  Pairs of two are my preference and I can play the piccalo too!  Who am I?  I am Amy 
    Tomme, answered by Abby Brammer!

    "Dragon Hunt" Challenge Clue #10 (Monday, Oct. 15):  Don't let her sweet quiet demeanor fool you, she's climbed a pyramid and ridden an elephant!  Who am I? The answer is Gloria Piña

    "Dragon Hunt" Challenge Clue #9 (Friday, Oct. 1):  Last nights' TCU vs. Texas Tech football game went their way!  Who are our "Wreck Em" Tech ladies on campus?  Who are Katie Segreti and Amy Tomme answered by Abby Brammer

    "Dragon Hunt" Challenge Clue #8 (Thursday, Oct. 11):  Boots and barrels were my thing in High School.  Who am I?  The correct answer is...Amy Baker answered by Abby "Dragon Slayer" Brammer!

    "Dragon Hunt" Challenge Clue #7 (Wednesday, Oct. 10):  We haven't received bio's from all our teachers yet, but as of today how many TCU grads can you find (undergrad and graduate degrees)?  #gofrogs  Answered correctly by Abby Brammer!  



    6 total

    2 total

    Leslie Daniels

    Michelle Clementson

    Kelli Williams

    Christine Combs-Moore

    Christine Combs-Moore


    Alex Birdwell


    Christie Harmon


    Natalie Williams


    "Dragon Hunt" Challenge Clue #6 (Tuesday, Oct. 9):  I'm in my 11th year of teaching but my legacy at DMS goes back to before the campus was a school.  Who am I?  I am Diane Rainone - Anwered by, guess who? Abby Brammer! 

    "Dragon Hunt" Challenge Clue #5 (Friday, Oct. 5): I've been teaching at DMS for 17 years and spent my teen years as a California Girl.  Who am I? - The correct answer:  Ms. Westhoff answered by this week's winner (5 for 5) - Abby Brammer!  

    "Dragon Hunt" Challenge Clue #4 (Thursday, Oct. 4): What teachers have degrees in Kinesiology?  The correct answer:  Ms. Marsalis & Coach Clementson - answered by the Dragon Hunt Master - Abby Brammer! 

    "Dragon Hunt" Challenge Clue #3 (Wednesday, Oct. 3): I met my spouse while working at Six Flags over Texas.  Who am I? The correct answer is:  David Teague answered once again for an easy triple - Abby Brammer!

    "Dragon Hunt" Challenge Clue #2 (Tuesday, Oct. 2): I doubled majored in Elementary Education and Anthropology from Guilford college and I love Philly Cheesesteak.  Who am I?  The correct answer is:  Brooke Feldman answered by Abby Brammer (that's 2 for 2)  

    "Dragon Hunt" challenge #1 (Monday, Oct. 1):  I work closely with Ms. Raymond, Ms. Feldman, and Mrs. Tomme's classes and I assist with bus dismissal daily.  I am a proud Daggett Montessori Alumni.   Some of our current teachers are ones I had when I was at DMS.  I have a daughter in the 5th grade.  Who am I?  The correct answer is: Jennifer Rangel answered by Abby Brammer!