In 1961, Western Hills Elementary School opened in a portable building. The school was completed in 1966 and opened by Mr. Everett Hackworth, principal for 24 years. Western Hills Elementary and Western Hills Primary were once one school, but due to growth, a second school became necessary. Fort Worth ISD bought the adjoining property on Mojave Trail. Western Hills Primary was opened in August of 2000 and is designed to serve ECSE and Pre-Kindergarten through First Grade students. 


    A vote was made to keep "Western Hills" as part of the school's name instead of Mojave Trail Elementary, as the school was referred to in plans. Parents, students, and faculty voted to make Western Hills Primary's school colors blue and silver and the school mascot the Dolphin.


    Western Hills Primary School Vision 


    Igniting In every Child A Passion for Learning! 


    School Mission 

    Statement of Philosophy 

    We, the community of Western Hills Primary, 

    are dedicated to providing a positive and warm 

    climate that is conducive to learning by 

    incorporating strong teaching methodology and 

    high expectations into all our students’ 




    School Motto 

    I am Respectful, 

    Responsible, Safe, And Prepared. 

    Today I will do more than I have to do. 

    I will treat others as I want to be treated, 

    and I will try to become a better person. 

    Excellence is the Only Option!