Our History

  • West Handley

    West Handley Elementary opened in 1954 with 12 classrooms, an art room, a kindergarten room, and a library. In 1983, the school became the location of the Professional Development Center for Staff Development and then became the home of the Alternative School. In 1994, it returned to its original function as an elementary school. In 2004, a new wing was added to the back of the building, which gave the school another 10 classrooms. 

    Mission: Provide innovative instruction in a culturally rich environment and a system of core values that meet the needs of all students to positively influence the community.

    Vision: To empower students to grow academically, emotionally, and socially so they achieve their highest potential and become critical thinkers and lifelong learners.

    Values: Respect, Teamwork, Belonging, and  Growth Mindset.

    Respect - Promote a culture that facilitates positive and respectful interactions between students, staff, parents, the community, and school facilities.

    Team Work - Create a collaborative environment to develop and encourage growth, perseverance, and high expectations for student outcomes. 


      Belonging - Establishing a welcoming community that celebrates diversity, uniqueness, and total acceptance. 

     Growth Mindset - Continuous desire to improve all members of our school community as one tribe.