• In 1953, Fort Worth Independent School District purchased a plot of land from Tommy Forbis. Construction started immediately on what was to become Glencrest Elementary School. When the doors opened in 1954, students were welcomed to a ten-room school.


    By 1973, Glencrest Elementary had seen two separate expansions that transformed the building. Glencrest Elementary School had grown in size to sixteen classrooms for the first through fifth grade, a new art classroom, a library, and a kindergarten -- all providing extended learning opportunities for the students. However, a declining enrollment of elementary age pupils and a booming population at Forest Oak Middle School lead to the decision to transform the school's mission. In the autumn of 1973, the school changed its name to Forest Oak Annex.


    With the beginning of the 1976-1977 school year, the twenty-three year old building witnessed the third name it was destined to carry. Fort Worth Independent School District had selected this building to serve as the prototype of a single-grade school. Thus was created Glencrest Middle School, also known locally as Glencrest Sixth Grade.


    The 2005-2006 school year brought with it the opening of a new school library, additional wings and classrooms, and a new teacher's lounge. Faculty, staff, students and parents were appreciative of the increase in available floor space.


    In 2009, the current campus administrators were studying proposals to further modernize the building. Renovations to the building began in July 2010, and included the replacement of the carpet with tile, an increase in the number of network drops and electrical outlets, and replacement of the existing flooring in two of the science classrooms. The renovations continued through the school year, and resulted in the temporary dislocation of classes while the renovations are performed.


    Over the summer of 2012, improvements were made to the auditorium. Using grant funding, Glencrest was able to replace an old projection screen with a modern, retractable wide-screen. Complementing this was the installation of an LCD projector and the associated audio/visual equipment.