•  William James Middle School


    William James was born March 24, 1862 in Greenville, Alabama.When he made his move to Fort Worth, Mr. James was the head of one of the biggest tanner and saddle making manufacturing plants of its kind in the state of Texas.


    William James; helped organize the Polytechnic School District in 1906.

    1927---Fort Worth Architect William G. Clarkson designed William James Junior High School, and many of Fort Worth’s more distinctive public school buildings, plus the Masonic Home.

    1952-55—Architect Wilson and Patterson designed major classroom addition to the school.

    2001-02---Another addition of classrooms were added to accommodate the growing number of students. 


    School Colors: Orange and Black

    Mascot: Bears

    Motto: One School with One Voice with a Singleness of Purpose, Focusing on Teaching and Learning.

William James Middle School