Teachers will mark all tardies in Focus, except for 2nd period. 

     1st tardy, student will receive a verbal warning.

     2nd tardy- teachers will have a conference with the student.

     3rd tardy- Teachers will make parent contact via email or phone

     4th tardy - Teacher detention (after school) Teacher must contact parent to ensure transportation home.

     5th tardy- student will be assigned Saturday School. Teachers are to write a referral, indicating prior steps & number of tardies.

     6 or more tardies ISS all day

    **ISS all day for the 6th tardy and every tardy thereafter

     Students’ accumulation of tardies start at the beginning of the six weeks and restarts every 6 weeks.

     *When inputting referrals prior steps (1-4) must be indicated and documented otherwise referral will not be processed.