• FWISD has partnered with UT Austin to offer our students On Ramps Dual Enrollment Courses.  See your counselor for course options.

    Students and parents can find out more about the ptrogram at https://onramps.utexas.edu/students/

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    Most students who graduate from high school never complete a college degree. This problematic national trend can be reversed for students who engage in high-quality college-level learning experiences early in their academic career.

    OnRamps' innovative dual-enrollment program brings rigorous courses aligned with the high standards and expectations of The University of Texas at Austin to thousands of students across Texas. Using best-in-class resources, materials, and instructional strategies OnRamps also provides intensive, yearlong professional development and support that improves teaching quality in hundreds of classrooms throughout the state.

    The key benefit of early exposure to postsecondary education is the authentic entry point to college expectations it provides for students and their families. In addition, earning transferable college credit while in high school accelerates degree completion by reducing the costs and impact of student loans and increasing lifetime earning potential. In OnRamps students learn first-hand all that it takes to succeed in college before they get there.

    The result? A greater number and diversity of students who are fully prepared to follow a path to college and career success.