Our History

  • In 1989, the Transition Center, located at Bluebonnet School, was created to meet the vocational needs of students. The program began by providing employment preparation for students with disabilities. The Preparing for Real Employment Possibilities (PREP) program offered hands on career exploration in health, horticulture, landscaping, housekeeping, and office education.  In 1991, the Transition Center was moved to the J.P. Moore building where it continued to expand its services.  Student Production and Networking (SPAN) provided all day vocational training for a few select students to learn how to work while earning a small pay check.  At that time student were paid by the piece.  In 1993, the Transition Center moved again to its present location at 5100 El Campo, previously called the Arlington Heights Annex.  The PREP career choices have continued to improve and grow and include; Bistro, Career Exploration, Grocery/Store-Customer Service, Landscape, and PAES Lab (Practical Assessment Exploration System), as well as the Community Work Experience Program (CWEP).  In addition, the Transition Center has branched out by creating the Life Education and Preparation (LEAP) and the Life Instruction and Functional Training (LIFT) programs.  The LIFT program was previously known as Transition Center Mall and is currently serving students at the Fort Worth I.S.D. administration building.  Finally, the LEAP program serves students by preparing them for work and independent living through a variety of teaching support, such as city bus travel training, advocacy, community living, vocational skills, recreation, banking, domestic living skills and functional academics.

Front of Schol Building

Our Mission

  • "Prepare & Empower our students to successfully Integrate into the Community so they can lead Positive, Fulfilling and Productive lives."


Graduation 2021

At LIFT, as part of our Wellness Program, students greet everybody and give compliments to start the day . Students dance to move their bodies and get happy. Students trust staff and peers and ask for help when they need it. All with a sense of humor!