NSHS Golf Team 2021-2022

Golf Regionals 2022
  • TOURNAMENT  2/22/22
    I guess it’s fitting our Girls Varsity finished 2nd in today's tournament. If you know anything about golf, the elements can play a huge role in how you perform. Our girls, Madison Robles, Abigail Romero, Karen Ortiz and Virginia Calvillo battled the wind, the cold and were able to get another top 3 finish against some good competition! Eaton was 1st place but only beat us by 22 points. We are only getting better as the year goes and this summer is going to be huge for these girls! 
    Since we are speaking about progress, our JV boys finished in 2nd place. Please congratulate Alek Gonzalez, Alexis Chavez, Nathan Romero and Albert Alegria. All of these boys just started holding a club last September. We have plenty of room for improvement. 


    North Side Varsity Girls Team 2nd place. (Abbigail Romero, Ruth Marines, Brooke Perez, Virginia Calvillo and Lindsey Ponce)  North Side Varsity Boys Team  3rd place(Albert Alegria, Andres Ramirez, Nathan Romero and Ramon Aguilar) Albert Perez was in 3rd place as a medalist. 
    We struggled with some of our scores but in a larger tournament and more stiffer competition we still placed! 
    It’s not an accident! Congratulate these kids! 
  • Congratulations!   Our golf teams got 1st placeAlbert Perez was also the top medalist. This is our second fall tournament and our second first place finish! 

  • We competed at Grand Oaks golf course and our kids did well against schools like Duncanville, Irvin, Mc Arthur, Cedar hill and De Soto. Both boys and girls placed 1st. We also had two of the top 3 medalists.




STEERS Golf Team 2020-2021
  • If you see any of our North Side Golfers, please congratulate them on a Good Season. 
    Boys and Girls teams placed 3rd in District, and Abigail Romero Came in 3rd place as a medalist and is an alternate for the regional tournament. 
    Please Congratulate Albert Perez on qualifying to represent our Steers in the Regional Tournament in Lubbock April 21-22. 
Steers Golf
  • Team Coach

    Jesus Sanchez Ontiveros, Head Coach Golf

  • Team Rosters


    Alexis Chavez / 10th

    Julio Jaramillo/ 10th

    Albert Perez / 11th

    Lorenzo Ethan Perez / 10th

    Andres Samuel Ramos / 10th

    Jacob Rene Rosales  / 11th

    Joshua Perez / 9th

    Chris Arellano / 9th

    Antonio Vasquez / 9th

    Sebastian Garcia / 9th

    Albert Alegria / 9th



    Virginia Lucia Calvillo / 12th

    Vianey Facundo / 11th

    Shelby Charlene Hart / 11th

    Lindsey Ponce / 12th

    Abigail Suri Romero  / 10th

    Nathan Romero / 9th

    Decimus Sandoval / 10th

    Neydelin Jaramillo / 9th

    Madison Robles / 9th

    Kali Carcamo / 9th

    Yoanny Hernandez / 9th

    Joselynn Ramos / 9th

    Acealynn Gray / 9th

    Karen Ortiz / 9th