Welcome to the GO Center...college is waiting for you. Go get it.

  • GO Centers provide

    • College Admission Awareness
    • College Application Assistance
    • Financial Aid Application Assistance
    • Financial Aid Advising
    • Career Exploration
    • Scholarship Assistance
    • College Advising
    • College Campus Visits and Tours
    • Academic Advising

    What is a GO Center?

    GO Centers help students explore pathways to careers and college.  It's a one-stop shop for college and career readiness (CCR) resources.  Students are assisted by CCR Coaches and Mentors from higher education institutions and the community.


  • Good morning!

    For teachers who wanted some more information about the Go Center and classroom presentations, here it is!

    Go Center 1 - open M-F from 8-4pm

    • Abigail Villagrana - College & Career Readiness Coach with FWISD
      • Ms. Villagrana has a caseload of 125 students in the 9th and 10th grade. She must meet with students once every 6 weeks as required by the district.
    • Michelle Hooten - College Advisor with TCU College Advising Corps
      • Mrs. Hooten serves the entire senior class with program goals of meeting one-on-one with 90% of the class to help them create their plan after graduation.


    Go Center 2 - open M-Th from 8-5pm

    • Jessica Nabarrete - PreCollege Advisor, TRIO Talent Search with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Tarrant County
      • I serve a caseload of 205 students in 10th, 11th, and 12th grade. I will also see students once every 6 weeks. Mrs. Jeanna Mendoza, another advisor with ETS, visits every Monday to meet with 9th graders who are also in our program.

    All of our emails are CC'd for quick access! Just to reiterate some of the information that we covered yesterday, all of our positions are funded through grants and therefore we must meet certain requirements. Ms. Villagrana & I must see students face-to-face a certain number of times during the year. Mrs. Hooten will also be working hard to meet with the LARGE number of seniors as required by her position. We do this through a variety of ways, but mainly through pulling students out of elective classes.

    While our programs are different and we may serve different groups of kiddos, we all aim to help all students with career and college advising. If you ever have a student you want us to talk to about their future, let us know via email or feel free to send them down to the Go Center on 1st floor in the culinary building!

    The Go Center is more than happy to have classroom presentations on various topics for teachers who may need help when they have substitutes! Examples of presentations we have previously done: job interviews, student loans, debt, college entrance exams, career exploration, and college exploration. We can cover other kinds of college, career, and life skills topics that you feel may benefit your students! It's never too early to talk to students about these kinds of things to prepare them for their future! Let us know if you have any dates in mind where you may need our services!


    We look forward to another great year at North Side!

  • Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Fort Worth


    What is Educational Talent Search?

    Educational Talent Search Program (ETS) of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Fort Worth is a FREE educational program funded by the US Department of Education to assist students with pre-college advising and college enrollment. 

    How Does ETS Work?

    Educational Talent Search prepares students for higher education by providing them with the following FREE services: 

    • Career and College Preparation Activities/workshops
    • Financial Aid Information & Assistance with Financial aid Application Forms
    • Scholarship information & Assistance with Scholarship Search

    Who Can Join ETS?

    In order to be eligible for selection as ETS participants, students must meet the following:  

    • Must be at least 11 years of age & in 6th-12th grade
    • Must be a US Citizen or eligible permanent resident
    • Preferably attend one of our FWISD target schools
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