• Our poor fish tank was not doing well.  It was full of algae, and we could barely see the fish.  

    icky tank 1  icky tank 2

  • So, we called on the person who originally set up the tank, Stephen Morris.  Stephen was a student at ALA a long time ago, and he was happy to come and help revive the fish tank.

    He came and cleaned the tank and put in plants.

    cloudy tank

    Yes, the tank was cloudy right after he fixed it. But it soon cleared up.

  • Now it is a little later, and the tank has more plants and fish!  

    tank with fish 1   tank with fish 2

  • Now it is March, and new residents have moved in.  Here are some snails getting used to the water temperature.


    snails waiting

    Here is the Angel Fish.


  • Stephen put in new gravel

    gravel   neon tetras

    and added some plants and a little white fish, and some neon tetras

    plants and little fish     plants and fish

    The snails went in

    snails going in tank

    and they settled down and attached themselves to various parts of the tank

    snails attaching       snails on rock

    Some of them rested on a lilypad

    snails on leaf