Benchmark II

  • Partnership Agreement. The Early College High School shall have a current, signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for each school year that: • Defines the partnership between the school district(s) and the institution(s) of higher education (IHE) and addresses topics including, but not limited to, the ECHS location; transferability of college credit between a 2 year and 4 year institution; the allocation of costs for tuition, fees, and textbooks; and student transportation; • States that the school district or charter in which the student is enrolled shall pay for college tuition (for all dual credit courses, including retakes), fees (including TSI administration fees), and required textbooks to the extent those charges are not waived by the partner IHE; • Defines an active partnership between the school district(s) and the IHE(s), which shall include joint decision making procedures that allow for the planning and implementation of a coherent program across institutions; and • Includes provisions and processes for collecting, sharing, and reviewing program and student data to assess the progress of the ECHS.

    Memorandum of Understanding

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Benchmark V

  • Academic Rigor and Readiness. The Early College High School shall administer a Texas Success Initiative (TSI) college placement exam (as defined by TAC §4.53) to all accepted ECHS students to assess college readiness, design individual instructional support plans, and enable students to begin college courses based on their performance on the exam. 

    TABS TSI testing dates      

    TABS Summer Bridge Schedule and Curriculum




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