Ms. Nickole Jenkins



    Brianna Clark
    Communities in Schools Program Manager
    My role is to support students and families with a variety of needs and resources. Supporting students looks like addressing concerns about your student's grades, attendance, or behavior through a variety of ways, such as lunch groups, checking in on your child's grades and attendance, and sitting with your student in class to ensure work is being completed. Supporting families looks like providing resources for food, transportation, housing, clothing, mental health, and more. I'm here to help your students and your family reach their potential. Go Leonard Longhorns!



    Angela Ingram

    Intervention Specialist

    Intervention Specialists are Licensed Mental Health Professionals who work with all students to accelerate learning and close achievement gaps by supporting their social and emotional health needs. Intervention Specialists collaborate with campus Student Support Services (SSS) staff and administrators to enhance and improve student academics through delivery of evidence-based programs and services that address students’ emotional, social, and behavioral health needs in the academic setting.

    Greetings!  I am excited to be a part of the Leonard Longhorn Team. I have a passion for creating meaningful connections with students, parents, and staff; helping students overcome challenges; creating a safe, fun, and welcoming learning environment, and encouraging student success in and out of the classroom!