Attendance Counts!
  • EVERY absence affects your ability to maintain credit.

    BOTH excused AND unexcused absences count toward losing credit.



    All students lose credit when they miss 10% or more of the days school is in session. 


     Why go to class if you don’t need it or are failing?

    Keeps you out of truancy court.

      You must also turn in parent notes and doctor notes to keep you out of court.


    Be in EVERY class, EVERY day.



    Per Texas Education Code, Section 25.092, Fort Worth ISD Policy states, "except as provided below, a student in any grade level from kindergarten through grade 12 shall not be given credit or a final grade for a class unless the student is in attendance 90 percent of the days the class is offered." This is for both excused and unexcused absences. As a result, our attendance procedures are as followed: 


    Absence (full day) excused:

    Students (parents/guardians) are responsible for making sure a written excuse is submitted to the attendance office after each absence within seven (7) days to ensure absences are appropriately adjusted.


    Late arrivals:

    When students arrive to school late, they enter the building through the reception area, sign in with their name, ID, time and reason for lateness, provide any written documentation, and will receive a pass to class. Failure to sign in may result in unexcused absences remaining.  


    Early dismissal - parent/guardian request:

    Students (parents/guardians) bring a note requesting an early dismissal to the attendance office before school. Parents/Guardians should include their name, a phone number, and time of dismissal. If a dismissal is unplanned, or a student does not bring a note, a parent/guardian must bring their photo ID to the reception area to begin the early dismissal process; walk-in early dismissals are not processed after 3:00 P.M.

    Upon return, medical documentation or a parent/guardian note is required to have absences for any missed class period(s) appropriately adjusted. If a student leaves campus without an early dismissal, their resulting absence(s) may not be adjusted. 


    Nurse’s dismissal excused:

    A student who becomes ill during the school day should, with the teacher’s written permission, report to the school nurse.  The nurse will decide and notify the student’s parent/guardian or designee emergency contact on the status of the student.


    Attendance Appeal: 

    Each semester, a student shall receive credit in a class when he/she is passing with a 70+ and attends a minimum of 90% of the day's classes are offered (per their enrollment date). In case of extenuating circumstances, an attendance petition may be submitted. Attendance petitions can be obtained from and returned to the attendance office completely filled out along with an explanation and supporting documentation. Even though excused and unexcused absences count towards the 90% rule of attendance, timely submitting notes matters if an attendance petition is warranted.


    Attendance Restoration:

    The expectation is students make up all absences and assignments for each class missed.  Students who attend attendance restoration sessions will receive credit for attendance in the ratio of one (1) hour for each absence.  Failure to make up absences may result in the withholding of credit if the 90% rule of attendance is not met.  


    VOE (Verification of Enrollment) Forms: 

    A VOE is a legal document needed when students are applying for their drivers' license that indicates they are in compliance with the state's attendance requirement (90% rule of attendance). A VOE should be requested at least two (2) days prior to DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle) appointments. Requests can be made in person in the attendance office and with Mrs. Poullard. If a student is not in compliance with the 90% rule of attendance, a VOE may not be issued until compliance is maintained for at least a full grading cycle.


    Additional Information:

    The QR code and link below provides information on the Principals Plan, attendance restoration schedule, and Saturday School contract with dates.




    For timely processing of any request impacting student attendance (early dismissals, absence documentation, appeals...) information provided in person is STRONGLY preferred and is guaranteed to be processed. Information received through email is not guaranteed due to FWISD internet filters and the time of day. 

    For example: