In 1949, the FWISD erected several frame buildings on this site to serve as an elementary school for the growing neighborhood, just south of Carswell Air Force Base.  These were the days when the pharmacy across the street could afford to offer free ice cream cones to students with As on their report cards, kids played Red Light Green Light in the street, and you could ride your bike around with your friends until the street lights came on.

    In 1954, the district hired Hubert Hammond Crane to design this two-story International Styled school. Like many Mid-Century Modern school buildings, the entrance canopies extend all the way to the passenger drop-off zones on the street.

    The original name of the school was Ridglea West Elementary and it was renamed in 1976 for Luella Merrett, the school's first principal.

    Mrs. Luella Merrett

    She was remembered for being a strict disciplinarian, but was not above dressing up as a witch every Halloween and visiting every classroom in costume, or calmly taking the pulse of a student who had fainted. She seemed to be able to handle anything.

    In 1989, an activities building was added south of the west wing of the building, and in 2001, a new cafeteria and kitchen were added to connect this structure to the main building. At the same time, a 15 classroom addition was built on the east side of the main building. 

    An additional wing was eventually added at the back of the building with 8 more classrooms, allowing us to finally have all of our classes in the building and no longer in portables.