Welcome to Guidance and Counseling

    • The Guidance and Counseling Department in Fort Worth ISD is an integral part of the total educational program. It provides a systematic, planned approach for helping all students acquire and apply basic life skills and makes optimal use of the special knowledge and skills of school counselors. The foundation of the program is to provide developmentally appropriate assistance for all students, and at the same time provide special assistance to those who need it.

      To fulfill the basic mission of the guidance program in Fort Worth schools, program balance is established to guide the allocation of resources to each of the four following components:

      • Guidance Curriculum
      • Responsive Services
      • Individual Planning
      • System Support

      Promoting Educational Success
      Education both enriches our lives and empowers us with the knowledge and skills we need to succeed. Professional counselors play a critical role in maximizing educational opportunities.

      In elementary and secondary schools, professional school counselors collaborate with parents, teachers, and others to:

      • prevent and eliminate barriers to learning
      • help equip students with the personal and social skills they need to lead healthy, successful lives
      • assist students in exploring and pursuing academic and career opportunities

      Throughout our lives, we encounter many challenges. 

      • Conflicts in relationships.
      • Life transitions.
      • Emotional crises.
      • Educational and career decisions.
      • Physical illness and disability.

      Sometimes the challenges are exciting. 
      Sometimes they're frightening.
      Sometimes we can benefit from help and support as we strive to master them. 

      Professional counselors are trained and committed to providing the help and support we may need to master the challenges of life.

      Working in a diverse range of settings and with a variety of areas of specialized expertise, professional counselors work with people of all ages, races, cultural backgrounds, and circumstances to help them maximize their potential, make positive changes in their lives, and achieve their goals.