• Pre-K is vitally important to a child’s development and school readiness. Your child will have early language, literacy, and math experiences to better prepare them for academic rigor in later grades. Attending Pre-K also helps young student to gain a sense of self, exploration, discovery, and confidence. Fort Worth ISD’s program offers a safe environment, high-quality integrated curriculum, highly qualified teachers, and ongoing assessments with progress monitoring. 


    Play with Purpose: Making the Early Years Count

    The Early Learning Department is focused on providing children from pre-kindergarten through first grade with high quality, engaging learning experiences that ignite in every child a passion for learning. We recognize the importance of children’s social, emotional, cognitive, language and physical development. The early learning years are foundational in children’s success, both academically and socially. With opportunity and equitable access, children can begin their formal education on a positive trajectory for College, Career, and Military Readiness.

    Teaching through developmentally appropriate instructional practices, the early learning teacher designs learning experiences that challenge and engage children. At the core of instruction lies the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) which puts the child at the center of all learning. The teaching and learning strategies are research-based and support a balance of child and teacher directed activities.


    As the family, you are the first teachers of your children. Below are helpful links to further support your young learners.

    Teaching and Learning Resources | Recursos de Enseñanza y Aprendizaje

    The CIRCLE Family Activity Collection

    La Colección de Actividades CIRCLE para la Familia


    Pre-Kindergarten Family Guides | Guías Familiares de Pre-Jardín de Infantes

    Understanding What Your Child Will Learn in Pre-Kindergarten

    Entendiendo lo que su hijo(a) aprenderá en Pre-K


    Kindergarten Family Guides | Guías Familiares de Jardín de Infantes

    Understanding What Your Child Will Learn in Kindergarten

    Entendiendo lo que su hijo(a) aprenderá en Jardín


    First Grade Family Guides | Guías de Familia de Primer Grado

    Understanding What Your Child Will Learn in First Grade

    Entendiendo lo que su hijo(a) aprenderá en Grado 1

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