• Students at M.G. Ellis regularly participate in "Specials" classes such as Music, Art, and P.E. under the direction of certified teachers. During these classes, students learn to appreciate art, develop their fine and gross motor skills, and begin to learn about musical instruments and singing.



  • Rachel Rogers




    The mission of the District’s Art Education Department is to provide a rigorous, comprehensive, and quality Art Education Program for all students through a partnership of educators, parents, and business, cultural and community leaders. Every child can learn and be successful, creative, and expressive through the Visual Arts. Art is vital and important, and it provides a vision of excellence and achievement.


    You can learn more about Art Education offered at FWISD by visiting the FWISD Art Education webpage.

  • Glynda Clark

    The Choral and Elementary Music Department is designed to ignite and foster a life-long love of and involvement in music. Beginning in elementary school, each child has the opportunity to learn about vocal and instrumental music through songs, dances, and games from diverse cultures, as well as be engaged in concepts leading to music understanding and literacy.
    You can learn more about Music Education offered by FWISD by visiting the FWISD Music Education webpage.
  • Ashlee Hamilton



    The Fort Worth ISD supports health and physical education for all students.  Lifetime benefits are derived from an active lifestyle and knowledge of the importance of nutrition, hygiene, and healthy choices made at a personal and interpersonal level.


    You can learn more about Health & PE in FWISD by visiting the FWISD Health and PE webpage.