VPA Humanities STEM


    • The apprentices of I.M. Terrell Academy will have the opportunity to pursue high level mathematics and science courses while utilizing high-tech tools in a blended and challenging learning environment to nurture the relationship between the two academies. Students will complete all requirements for graduation under Texas Education Code and Fort Worth ISD policy. I.M. Terrell will also provide accelerated opportunities for students to demonstrate mastery in a flexible schedule and spend greater time and attention in areas of interest.

      Apprentices will benefit from community partnerships with industry professionals. They will attend performances and educational field trips with behind-the-scenes exposure from subject matter experts. Guest speakers representing their area of expertise will provide postsecondary education information, current career-related opportunities, and the guidance needed to achieve both.

      With a strong support system from faculty and local professionals, students will be equipped with the discipline and skills needed to start the next chapter of their lives. 

      Note: This campus does not offer UIL athletics.


      The I.M. Terrell Academy for STEM will provide a technology-based blended learning environment that is focused on students with an intense interest in engineering and computer science careers. Students will enjoy enhancement opportunities through:

      • Local, regional, and national STEM competitions
      • Dual credit courses in mathematics and science
      • Design, programming, prototype-building, and completing an innovative capstone project

      Prerequisite: Students must have passed Geometry and Biology by August 2018

      Note: A copy of the student’s most recent report card must be submitted with the Choices application to 100 N. University, Ste. NE243 prior to the December 9 deadline to be considered eligible.


      Students will grow artistically in the study of dance, music, theater and visual arts. Through in-depth and accelerated course work, students will prepare for college scholarship auditions and/or career opportunities in the arts. Highlights include:

      • Learning from professional artists
      • Direct experience in high-level performance presentations
      • Student-created portfolios (dance, music, theater and visual arts) that transition students to postsecondary opportunities

      Prerequisite: Successfully complete Algebra I by August 2018

      • Performing Arts: Auditions scheduled by the campus
      • Visual Arts: Portfolio review scheduled by the 

      I.M. Terrell Academy Opportunities: Apprentices will partner with subject matter experts to develop a capstone project and/or portfolio. Apprentices will have the opportunity to earn up to 24 college hours in mathematics and science.