• Whiz Quiz


    Here are some interesting facts about our DMS Whiz Quiz teams:

    Whiz Quiz is a Middle School academic competition team. DMS has both a 6th and 7th/8th grade team. Tryouts are held at the beginning of the school year.  Practice is twice a week during student’s lunch period and games are one evening a week. Game days differ depending on the team.  Whiz quiz begins at the end of September and ends before the holiday break in December. Finals are sometime in January. Each team has a teacher sponsor that meets with them to prepare and organize their team.

    Five students from each school compete at one time. Questions asked during competitions span knowledge in science, social studies, grammar, pop culture, geography, literature, and math. Students receive points for answering these questions correctly. If you like Jeopardy, you will love Whiz Quiz- they even have buzzers!