• School Building August of 2020 marks the 60th anniversary of Tanglewood Elementary School!  Over the past six decades, Tanglewood has earned various recognitions for academic excellence and community involvement.  

    Our campus legend begins with Cass Edwards giving the land to the city of Fort Worth for $1.00 - with the understanding that the undeveloped property would be used to build a public school.  From this generous beginning in 1960, community involvement and academic preparation have been the hallmarks of the school. 

    The support from the school's neighbors has been instrumental in funding the many activities offered by the school.  As a non-Title One school, campus coffers are far less than neighboring sister schools; however, the very supportive PTA raises thousands of dollars each year to offset any cost that campus funds are unable to provide.  With their support, we are able to provide a hands-on science lab, after-school enrichment classes, after-school running team, additional computers and iPads in each classroom, supplemental instructional materials, playground equipment, professional development opportunities for teachers, and much, much more.  Tanglewood PTA continuously provides volunteers, organization, and funding.  The value our community members place on equitable and focused resource delivery is by far one of our greatest assets!

    Other assets include the expertise and professionalism of the Tanglewood faculty and staff.  All of our teachers are certified in Gifted and Talented Education and differentiate instruction to meet the needs of all learners.  Data is used to inform our instruction, while student-needs drive success forward.  The instructional staff focuses resources where they are needed, while support personnel create an environment that is welcoming and professional.  

    Please visit the Tanglewood PTA website for additional information about our school including enrollment information, schedules, calendar of events, academics, and policies and procedures.