• McLean 6th At McLean Sixth Grade Center our first priority is to our children! We are committed to providing a smooth transition between elementary and secondary education. Our goal is to provide a well-balanced curriculum for all students. In addition, we strive to enrich the academic, social and emotional capabilities of our students in order to develop a sense of community.

    McLean 6th Grade Center originally began its academic life as Bluebonnet Elementary in November of 1950. The school later became known as the Applied Learning Academy, but by the Fall of 2000, the institution housed Mclean 6th Grade Center. Due to its status as a historically designated center, the name "Bluebonnet School" must remain on the front. However, a recent sign denotes the school's new middle school status.

     In 1946, Fort Worth ISD purchased land from E.P. Seltzer for the purpose of constructing a school to serve the surrounding Bluebonnet neighborhood situated just south of the TCU campus. Noted Fort Worth architect Wyatt C. Hedrick was selected to design the one-story building of yellow brick and limestone. In 1952, six classrooms were added bringing the total to 17.

    During renovations to the library in 2011, handouts dating back to the Eisenhower administration, c. 1951 were found settled behind the shelves.  Also found were a number of library books complete with checkout cards with patron names dating back to the opening of the school.