About our Transportation Staff

    Every bus driver and assistant is trained by the Jo Kelly nursing staff.

    They are provided hands on training of basic first aid, the use of suction machines, and trach suctioning.

    The fragility of our students makes this training imperative for a safe ride to and from school. 

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    Bill Ray
    Director of Transportation 817.815.7900 Fax: 817.815.7950
    Isaias Gamez Assistant Director of Transportation 817.815.7909
    Clark Field Main: 817.815.7900 Dispatch: 817.815.7929 Fax: 817.815.7950
    Northside Lot Main: 817.815.7980 Dispatch: 817.815.7981 Fax: 817.815.7955
    Westside Lot Main: 817.815.7970 Dispatch: 817.815.7971 Fax: 817.815.7956

    Email: fwisdtransportation@fwisd.org
  • Bus Driver and Attendant Appreciation🡆

    Jo Kelly School staff honored their bus drivers and attendants on May 28th, 2021.

    "We appreciate all that you do for our Jo Kelly students while transporting them to and from school!

    -Thank You"


  • On behalf of our students, their families and the Jo Kelly Staff,

    Thank you ALL for the professionalism, compassion and care as you transport our students.

    We appreciate you!

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