• The History of Meadowbrook Middle School

    In the fall of 1936, Principal John C. Roberson opened the doors of Meadowbrook Junior High School (now Meadowbrook Middle School) to a student body of about 200. Meadowbrook is located in the east Fort Worth neighborhood of Meadowbrook.

    The original school site is what is now Meadowbrook Elementary School, located on Meadowbrook Drive. In September 1954, Meadowbrook was moved to its present day location at 2001 Ederville Road. The school sits north of Meadowbrook Drive, east of Tierney Road, south of East Rosedale, and west of Oakland Boulevard. The campus covers approximately 11 acres of land.

    When Meadowbrook first opened, the area was quite different than it is today. Few houses were nearby. Meadows and fields stretched out on several sides. Across the way in somewhat the position of the current building at 2001 Ederville there was a lake called Taylor’s Lake. Near it was some dairy buildings and one house. To the east of the old building were some open fields that grew berry vines. Also noted is, the original building was built over an area that had once been a lake.

    The student body chose the school colors and the mascot. It was a close race between green and gold and blue and gold; but in the end green and gold prevailed. Also, the mascot’s name Meadowbrook Buffalo won a slight victory over Meadowbrook Bison.

    Meadowbrook was and still is a school of pride.