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    Students at Jo Kelly School enjoy a room customized to fit their needs. Students in the Jo Kelly Sensory Room are able to either experience a stimulating environment or have a calming experience, depending on their individual needs and goals. Principal Leslie Riddell said he and his team visited several innovative campuses around the state last year to plan for their own sensory room. After a great deal of research, Mr. Riddell said their Sensory Room was designed to promote cognitive functioning, social interaction, and help with regulating stimulation levels.

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    The Jo Kelly School Sensory Room was featured in the 2016-2017 FWISD Annual Report.





    The Sensory Room took on a brighter glow during our 2019 Annual Easter Egg Hunt.

    sensoryEGG 04.jpg


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    Light Boxes

    The Lightbox is used to help develop an awareness of light, color, and objects.


    Sensory Cart

    The covid pandemic changed many things. However, our students' sensory needs did not change. So, several teachers and teacher assistants banded together to build a sensory cart.



    Wind Sock Festival 2019

    The theme for the 2019 Wind Sock Festival was 'Glow'

    and the best place for 'Glow' is in the Sensory Room.



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