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    The Viking Way, Be Better Than Yesterday


    Viking Empowerment Pledge

    I pledge to always maintain a positive attitude.
    I pledge to make good, shound decisions.
    I pledge to be serious about my education.
    I pledge to be focused on achieving excellence.
    I pledge to be diligent in my efforts.
    I pledge to be disciplined in my actions. 
    I pledge to be resilient after setbacks.

    History of Morningside Middle School

    On May 15, 1952, a bond issued was passed by a vote of 11-1. This building program enabled Morningside Junior High School to be built. The bid on the original building was $634,685. The architect for Morningside Junior High School was Wyatt C. Hendrick.

    Morningside Junior High officially opened in September of 1956. The principal was Herbert A. Wilson (1956-1961). In 1961 K. W. McMillan (1961-1970) assumed the principalship. In the fall of 1970, Robert McDaniel (1970-1985) became the principal of the school. During the 1970-71 school year, the east annex was added to the main building.

    In 1973, the school was changed to a sixth grade school and remained that way until 1983 when it became Morningside Middle School to accommodate sixth through eighth graders. In 1985, Odessa Ravin (1985-1997) became the fourth principal and first female to assume the principalship. 

    In 2005, a new wing of classrooms was added and the building became more accessible to handicapped individuals.