• About Us
    Morningside Elementary School was constructed during Fort Worth’s $4.5 million school building program that was supported with PWA funds. The school was constructed in 1935-36 and has received later additions. It was designed by Earl T. Glasgow and constructed by J. M. Gurley. The building program included extensive landscaping that was designed by Hare and Hare and constructed under the supervision of the Fort Worth Park Department. Morningside retains its WPA-built terrace and a drinking fountain that likely dates from the same era. As a response to the 1954 Brown decision, the FWISD school board initiated a pattern of closing white schools and reopened them as African American educational facilities. It closed Morningside elementary and middle schools in May 1961 and reopened them as black schools in September 1961.
    Throughout the ensuing years Morningside has become a welcoming learning environment for all races. With programs focused on STEM education and Dual Language Immersion, Morningside attracts students from all areas of Fort Worth. Morningside has an award winning teaching garden. Students learn in the garden once a week with the horticulture teacher. At Morningside Elementary students are planting seeds, growing tomatoes, flowers, butterfly plants, and learning about reading, writing, math, and science in the garden.  The Morningside Elementary School garden includes the box vegetable gardens, wetland garden, waterfall, butterfly garden, herb garden, rose garden, perennial garden and the best teachers and students.


    Pyramid: The Poly Pyramid

    Mascot: Rams

    School Colors: Purple & Gold