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    In 1959 Waverly Park Elementary opened on the far west side of Fort Worth. The school began with 14 classrooms, the auditorium, and the cafeteria. It was designed by  Earl Koeppe as a ranch style structure. The covered walkway was, and still is, the main entrance to the building. With the development of the area, the school was enlarged in 1967.

    Twelve more classrooms were added and air conditioning was installed in most of the classrooms. Years later, Phase III of the 1999 bond program allowed for another expansion. A new spacious library was designed and constructed. Fourteen more classrooms were built which created a new lower elementary wing. This is the current configuration of our school.

    2009 marked the 50th anniversary of Waverly Park.  The occasion was marked by a community wide celebration



Past Administrators

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    S. Joe Minor was the school's first principal from 1959 - 1970. During his tenure as principal, the first addition was added. The area around Waverly Park was already growing and changing.


    Loraine McMillan followed Mr. Minor and was principal of Waverly Park from 1970 - 1984.


    James Smith served as Waverly Park's third principal from 1984 - 1988.


    In the fall of 1989, Mary Jane Marshall took over the leadership as principal. Her leadership allowed the school to achieve an exemplary rating.


          Valorie Bedford served as the principal of Waverly Park Elementary from 2011 – 2018.