• At I.M. Terrell apprentices choose a major, otherwise known as a Program of Choice. Future apprentices must apply through the GSPOC online application. Apprentices may apply to the T-STEM Academy or the VPA Academy. Within T-STEM an apprentice will have the opportunity to take Engineering Technology Courses focused on Robotics Automation. It is a Dual Credit Program where they have the opportunity to earn an Associates Degree in Applied Sciences by the time they graduate High School. Within the VPA Academy, an apprentice may choose Art, Band, Choir, Dance, Orchestra, Piano, or Theatre as their major. Those who apply to one of the VPA Programs must also audition. All classes except for Health, PE, and Spanish 1 are graded on the 4.5 weighted scale or above. Every apprentice will be in the Humanities Academy for their ELA and Social Studies credits. I.M. Terrell is a College Preparatory Academy.