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    The Jo Kelly Webpage wishes to kick off the new school year by reflecting on those companies, organizations, and groups that make a difference on our campus.
    The students at Jo Kelly live, laugh, learn and love to the very fullest. This school has an atmosphere of joy as students work hard to make progress on their skills and goals. As a team, we celebrate their victories!
    It is a comfort to know that we also have solid, sincere community backing.
    ♥ ♥   We sincerely thank you!   ♥ ♥


  •    Jo Kelly School Community Partners 

    Jo Kelly students experience their community in a variety of ways. Our students go on field trips to experience new sounds, sights, and help build their communication skills in an environment other than the classroom. Also, they learn important skills such as safety, social interactions, and flexibility.

    Community members host special events/activities here at the school as well as assist with day to day school functions. Students, their families, and community members alike enjoy the interactions and learn a great deal from each other!



    On the last teacher day of the year, we walk into an amazing luncheon, hosted by the Kiwanis Club of West Fort Worth. The Kiwanis Club brings food, gifts and their amazing fellowship. This luncheon is an annual event that the staff always looks forward to!




    Thank You Mr. Fortner!

    Mr. Herschell Fortner has been leading our Scouts on Scout Day in Fort Worth for the last 25 years. He is sensitive to the needs of the students here at Jo Kelly and continues to adapt activities to best suit their needs.
    He is a Scoutmaster in Troop 12.
    Mr. Fortner is a retired school teacher who raises and shows roses! 
    The staff, students, and families here at Jo Kelly School are grateful for all of your years of service to our students and the community at large! 

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    The Jo Kelly Staff and Families wish to thank all of the wonderful people of Arlington Heights United Methodist Church for their continued support throughout our school year! 


    Thank You

    Union Pacific Railroad and Frost Bank


    Over 2 decades ago, a group of volunteers led by Johnny Stotts from Union Pacific Railroad and Frost Bank began an annual tradition of caroling and escorting Santa to visit every classroom at Jo Kelly to drop off gifts for every child. This visit rapidly became an event everyone looked forward to as one of the most exciting of the season.

    The group started off as a small group of volunteers that grew every year. Volunteers began bringing their children to participate. This event is now a multi-generational event, with those early volunteers bringing their children and now bringing their grandchildren.


    Thank You Be an Angel and TXU 


     Be An Angel, a charitable organization that supports children with multiple disabilities, teamed up with TXU to generously provide Christmas gifts to the students of Jo Kelly School and their siblings. Each year, they lead the school in singing carols while the gifts are distributed. The families of our students are so grateful for the support provided with these gifts and the school looks forward to the festive event.

     The Alison Hardin Playground and Eli Bradford Garden of Angels was dedicated at Jo Kelly School on Friday November 16th 2012. This was Fort Worth's first barrier-free playground and was a joint project of TXU and the Be An Angel. 



    Thank You Jim Isbell and Justin Franks


     Thank you to Jim Isbell and Justin Franks at Pro Computing for their generous donation of five Justand v2e iPad stands! The availability of these tools help us facilitate our students' ability to access classroom technology, heighten environmental awareness, enhance motor skills, and develop cause/effect comprehension.
    Also, thank you to Jason Spears and Cathy Ritter of FWISD Instructional Technology for sharing an additional four Justand v2e stands with our campus.
    Lastly, thank you to Wyatt Sledge, Executive Director - Customer Service, FWISD Department of Technology, for advocating on our behalf and setting the wheels in motion.

    We appreciate you!


     Board of Trustees

    Thank you, for your dedication to Fort Worth ISD sudents, teachers and the community!

      Thank You Board


  •  Jo Kelly School Volunteers  ♥

    Jo Kelly is lucky to have the BEST volunteers in Fort Worth! Our volunteers help with field trips, find services for our students and families, and run the different activities that we have throughout the school year. 

    We have volunteers from our Adopt-A-School partner, Arlington Heights United Methodist Church, retired staff members, school groups, community members, as well as family members. 



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    Jo Kelly School would like to make a special shout out to Mr. Hardin!

         Mr. Hardin diligently maintains the beauty and integrity of the The Alison Hardin Playground and Eli Bradford Garden of Angels each month for years and years.
    Thank You Mr. Hardin! 


    On behalf of our students, their families and the Jo Kelly Staff,
    Thank you to all of our Bus Drivers for the professionalism, compassion and care as you transport our students.
    We appreciate you!  Jo Kelly Transportation 

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    A GREAT BIG Thank You to our guest volunteers from: 

     Alice Carlson Applied Learning Center ⇒
    Students from Conflict Managers and The News Crew represented their school for the second time this school year.
    The staff and students here were happy to see these students volunteer again with our own Jo Kelly Stars! 

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    ♥ Trimble Technical High School 

    Dr. Byrd and the students of Trimble Tech meet up with our students at the bowling alley and roller rink each year.
    Every year, Trimble Tech students treat our Jo Kelly students with compassion and love. Keep coming!



    Clif Smith is a sound engineer at one of our local churches. For the past several years, he has volunteered his services as our Disc Jockey for annual school events. He is also a good friend of our very own Bob Chochola. 

     Thank You So Much Clif!  

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    Thank You!

    John and Nancy Baze. 

     Each year during special events or field trips, John and Nancy come to the school to help where it is needed. They push chairs, serve and clean up. Nancy takes the photographs for many of the years events. 

    John and Nancy Baze.jpg



     MONDO 01


     A native of Fort Worth, Eddie began playing professionally at the age of 10 and has over 30 years of experience in drum set, hand drums and percussion. He's performed with Stevie Ray Vaughan, Mose Alison, Master Cylinder, French Tap Dancer Sarah Petronio and West African dancer Titus Fotso.

     Thank You Eddie!


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    Virginia and her therapy dogs have been coming to Jo Kelly since 1988. The students enjoy petting Magee and the other therapy dogs that she brings to the campus each month. 

    Thank You Virginia!


  • ♥ 

    We Appreciate Our Volunteers!  

     If you would like to learn more about the Fort Worth ISD Volunteer Program click the following link.

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