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    Posted by Brenda Fouse on 8/18/2020

    Type 1 (without teacher directly:

    • Provides students with teacher assigned lessons, tasks or assignments for students to work on at their own pace. 
    • All assignments, content, files and discussions are available on digital platforms accessible on a mobile device, laptop or desktop computer; 
    • Does not require all participants to be virtually present at the same time but does require daily engagement by the student; 
    • All pre-assigned work and resources are available to students through SeeSaw (PK) or Google Classroom (K-12); 
    • Participants are not required to be virtually present at the same time, but daily engagement by students is required; 
    • Pre-recorded videos are the primary delivery method of direct instruction from the teacher; 


    Type 2 (directly with teacher):

    • Provides live, real time teaching with two-way teacher/student interaction.
    • Supports Type 1 lessons by providing lesson guidance, supplemental instruction, and/or enrichment. 
    • Examples include guided practice, intervention, small group support, differentiated practice, specific feedback on assignments, progress checks, lesson closure, and additional social emotional learning; 
    • Teachers will provide live instruction, support, and guidance at scheduled, predictable, and posted “office hours”; 
    • Requires student engagement at specific, scheduled times via video conference.


    •  Participating in instruction for a minimum of 4 hours daily
    • Students will be required to demonstrate engagement and progress daily.
    • Progress will be measured through trackable student engagement in:
      • the virtual learning system (PK- Seesaw; K-12 – Google Classroom),
      • student - teacher interactions by video conference or phone, 
      • and submission of daily assignments.



    • To be counted “Present” a student must demonstrate daily engagement in assignments. 
    • Attendance for virtual instruction will be taken daily by the classroom teacher. 
    • Students will be counted present on days in which they engage in one of these three methods. 
      • 1. Students engage in online learning and demonstrate progress with lessons, assignments, and teacher instruction. 
      • 2. Students directly interact with their classroom teacher and teacher confirms student engagement for a particular day. Student/teacher interaction can be through multiple methods including telephone or digital means. 
      • 3. Students submit an assignment through the learning management system on a particular day.
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  • Registration

    Posted by Brenda Fouse on 8/18/2020

    George C Clarke Families- We are seeing more students enroll every week. Thank YOU, parents! Please remember to register if you have not done so. If you need assistance, please call the school office at 817-814-6100. Staff will be available to help complete your registration from 8:00-4:00. 

    The website to register is  www.fwisd.org/register 

    Scroll down and click on either a new or returning student. Then log in with your username and password. Call us if you need help.

    We are here for you! 

    Familias George C Clarke- Estamos viendo más estudiantes inscritos cada semana. ¡Muchas gracias, padres! Por favor recuerde registrarse si no lo ha hecho. Si necesita ayuda, llame a la oficina de la escuela al 817-814-6100. Los ayudantes estarán disponibles para ayudarle a completar su registro de 8:00-4:00.  

    El sitio web para registrarse es www.fwisd.org/inscripcion


    Haga clic donde dice estudiante nuevo o estudiante de reingreso. Luego haga login con su nombre de usuario y contraseña. Llame al personal de la escuela si necesita ayuda.

    ¡Estamos aquí para ustedes!

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