• Fort Worth ISD’s World Languages Institute (WLI) is the first secondary school to open its doors to students from the Spanish Immersion and Dual Language Enrichment programs, as well as students who are interested in pursuing careers with an international focus. 

    WLI students will continue their study of Spanish and English by taking courses in both languages, and they will have the opportunity to begin the study of a third or fourth language. Students will graduate from WLI multilingual and multicultural – a perfect match for the marketplace that awaits them. 

    Intensive language study and a rigorous academic curriculum will equip multilingual students for careers of the future across the globe. The multilingual staff, the students and their parents, together with the community, will follow a path of academic excellence while developing the leaders of tomorrow’s world. WLI provides: 

    Pre-AP Courses – suitable for students who want to advance and earn high school and dual credits 
    French, Latin, and other languages, depending upon interest 
    Exploratory Language Course 
    Language and Culture Around the World 
    Clubs, including Chess, Whiz Quiz, Theater, Science, Estudiantina, and Choir (Non UIL) 

    WLI is open to middle school incoming sixth-graders and will add a grade level each year. The first graduating class will receive their diplomas in 2020. 

    This program does not offer UIL athletic programs. Informal intramural activities may be available based on student interest. Please inquire about options directly at the campus.