• Friendly Friday is a project sponsored by the Hope Squad members at MJE.  Hope Squad is made up of six 5th graders who  were chosen by their classmates as trustworthy and good listeners.  Hope Squad members sponsor activities on campus that promote kindness and community.  Friendly Friday is a project they are sponsoring for the rest of the school year.  Each Friday, every classroom will get a kindness slogan of the week and students will receive a small treat.  Teachers and students will discuss the meaning of the slogan.  Each class will then choose their Kindness Kid of the Week.  These students will be recognized on the "Be the I in Kind" display in the school hallway.  We look forward to seeing kindness grow and spread throughout the school year.



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  • Hello!  My name is Nancy Champion.  I have been the school counselor at Manuel Jara Elementary for more than 20 years.  I have been here this long because I love the students, the school and this Northside community. School counselors are required to have experience in teaching.  My undergraduate degree is in Elementary Education with certifications in bilingual education and special education.  My graduate degree is in Guidance and Counseling.    In addition to working in public schools, I also coordinated a program for children in a domestic violence shelter and I worked as a program coordinator in a psychiatric treatment center for children and adults. I lived for a year in South America (Chile) where I learned Spanish.   I have three adult children who are all currently in graduate school (we believe in higher education!) and one precious granddaughter - 4 years old.  

    Through the counseling program at Manuel Jara Elementary, I work to support your child's success - academically, socially and emotionally. Some of the things I do include: (1) teaching guidance lessons in the classroom, (2) meeting  with children individually and (3) meeting with children in small groups.  Through each of these formats I try to help students understand and manage their emotions, develop healthy relationships, behave responsibly and reach their fullest potential.  I am always available to meet with parents to assist in any way I can to assure your child is successful at school.

    I am very happy to be a member of the Manuel Jara Elementary family.  Every staff member on this campus strives to create an environment that is welcoming, caring, supportive and academically challenging.