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  • The Bully

    Posted by Nicholas Simmons on 10/23/2019 8:00:00 PM

    Hey there everyone,

    I hope you all have been having a wonderful month so far.  With all the different events going on, it is easy to overlook that it is bullying awareness month.  I have been working with your children on conflict resolution and bullying awareness for over a month, but I wanted to address bullying from a different perspective here.

    The majority of us have engaged in bullying at some point in our life, be it physical, verbal, exclusionary, or via the internet.  However, why do we do this?  A lot of the time it is for our own comfort or the desire to belong.  Think of the way we laugh along as carefully selected contestants are voted to fail on televised talent shows.  That doesn't seem too far from our children mocking one another because they are different.  It takes a conscious effort, even as adults, to recognize how our own behavior is affecting others and shaping those who look up to us.

    There was a study done of babies from 9 to 14 months where the children first chose their favorite type of cracker out of two.  They were then shown puppets eating the same crackers.  Not only did these infants prefer the puppet with their favorite cracker, but they also seemed to prefer the same puppet even after the puppet simulated bullying toward the puppet with the less preferred cracker.  This study seems to imply that even in our early years, there is something inate in us that can lead us to bully-behavior under the right circumstances.

    Now, think of our most extreme cases of bullying; those children who may be habitually violent or verbally abusive.  Why are they acting out so much more intensely than others?

    Each child is different in the way they cope, either adaptively or maladaptively, to their environment.  It is easy to write off a child as simply being born mean or aggressive, and perhaps there could be a genetic predisposition toward bullying in some instances, but the majority of children acting out in an extreme way have something going on in their life that causes them to act out. 

    I don't want to get into particulars because I would not want to have parents think I am talking about any specific students.  However, I do want to tell you that at North Hi Mount, we care deeply for your children; all of them.  We do not believe any child is beyond help, be it the target or the bully.  

    If you ever hear of any instance of bullying, or feel that your own child may be engaged in bullying, please let us know.  Also, I have provided a link to a great PDF looking at why children might behave in certain ways.  It is in the file library on the left side of the page titled "Survival in School".


    Until next time, 

    Nicholas Simmons

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  • The Future is Bright

    Posted by Nicholas Simmons on 9/12/2019 3:00:00 PM

    Hey there North Hi Mount.

    Pardon the construction on this page.  This is a new system for our district to let us counselors better communicate with parents, but it's going to take a bit for me to have things looking nice.

    As you know, this week we are celebrating positivity and conveying to our students and families that there is always hope in the future.  Over the next few weeks, I will be working with students in circles, helping them open up to each other and share their feelings.  This is a great way for me to get to know your children and to have them get to know each other.  Already we have had some great breakthroughs with students, and I love working with them!

    That being said, we always need to be on guard for changes within our children.  Minor changes such as changes in eating habits, sleeping habits, or mood can signify that a child may be feeling depressed.  If you notice any distinct changes in your child's behavior, never be afraid to ask them if there is anything wrong.  Often, a child with feeling of depression will close themself off until someone comes to them.  I'm sure we've all needed convincing that the future is bright at one point or another.

    I'm very excited to be working with your wonderful children.  If you ever need to contact me, my office number is 817-815-1515.

    Have a wonderful week!

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  • Check out the contact page in the link hub to the left if you would like to send requests for me to meet with your student.  We have a new digital document you can fill out to make sure your student is seen promptly.

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  • Hello parents!

    For the remainder of the month of October and the first week of November, Wednesday guidance lessons will focus on bullying prevention in upper grade levels and empathy skills for Pre-K through 1st grade students.

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  • Red Ribbon Week will be from Oct. 21st through the 25th.  Make sure your children come to school dressed in the theme of the day to show everyone they say NO to drugs!

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  • If you would like your child to participate in the Pack-A-Sack program, please make sure to contact me before are spots are filled.  Alternatively, you can download the document in the file library to the left and turn it in, filled out, to the front office.

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  • This month, our guidance lessons will focus on understanding the importance of kindness.  Classroom guidance lessons will take place on Wednesdays every week.

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