• Harlean Beal Elementary, formally known as Forest Hill Elementary, is located in Forest Hill, TX and yet considered part of the Fort Worth Independent School District. We currently have an enrollment of 440 students and 70 faculty members! Harlean Beal services low-income students for grades Pre-K through 5th.


Our School History

Forest Hill Elementary School first African American Principal. Harlean Berry Beal














  • Forest Hill Elementary School/Harlean Beal Elementary School, 5615 Forest Hill Drive, Forest Hill.
    1949, c. 1957, 1978, 1990, c. 2002.

    The present building had its origins as a new building constructed in 1949 to relieve overcrowded conditions in another building on the site. L. C. Cavitt designed the new 1-story, 10-classroom building in a style influenced by the International Movement. Six classrooms,designed by Robert P. Woltz, Jr., were added as a part of the 1956 Building Program. Other additions followed.

    Under the 1999 Bond Program, most of the historic school was demolished. A new school, designed by Wadkins and Associates and erected by Scott and Reed, general contractor, has been constructed on the site, although the 1990 addition to the former school was retained. Due to the loss of integrity, the school is not eligible for the National Register. The school’s current namesake, Harlean Berry Beal, was the school’s first African American principal (left), a position she held from 1984 until her retirement in 1996.