Counselor's Corner
  • Guidance Counselor Mission

    Advocating that every child has the opportunity to be successful academically, socially, and emotionally.  Ensuring every child has or develops a love and appreciation for lifelong learning through a comprehensive guidance program. Collaborating with teachers to inspire all children to be prepared for college, a career, and be good citizens in their communities.

  • Elementary Counselors Help Teachers by:

    • Consulting with them about children and coordinating efforts to work with individual students.
    • Planning classroom guidance to meet specific needs.
    • Promoting a positive school climate.
    • Meeting with parents as needed.
  • Counselor Areas of Focus

    • Character Education & Responsible Behavior
    • Communication skills
    • Leadership Skills
    • College & Career development
    • Self-Awareness & Social Awareness
    • Parent Work Shops
    • Crisis Response
    • School Wide Initiative
    • 504 Coordinator

    Elementary counselors serve the entire school community. Counselors are ready to help:

    • Any student may request counseling
    • Any parent may request counseling for a child or a parent consultation
    • Any school staff may refer a student
    • All students in the school are served by the counselor