• Academics Begin At Home/ Aprendizaje Bueno Apunta Al Hogar 

    The purpose of A.B.A.H. Tutors

    • To recruit parents to become A.B.A.H. Tutors.
    • They will be trained in small group guided reading strategies such as Fluency Checks, Phonics, running records etc.
    • They will commit to a 10 week internship in which they will be assigned to one teacher for 2 hours a day.
    • They will be given a case load of up to 7 students who are struggling readers.
    • They will work alongside the teacher to conduct small group reading lessons with these tier 3 students.
    • Progress monitoring will be done through weekly fluency checks and monthly reading lexile level sets. 

    At the end of the 10 weeks each tutor will participate in a study group to prepare for the state paraprofessional certification test.




    We’re so grateful and excited to begin our new Parent University Internship- parents are trained to assist in classrooms as tutors. Welcome A.B.A.H. Tutors!