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Mrs. Chrissy Gallegos

Chrissy Gallegos teaches Social Studies. This is Gallegos’ seventh year of teaching at McLean Sixth Grade Center. Her favorite part of teaching is the kids. “The kids at McLean are caring and open to learning through stories, and they laugh at my goofy jokes,” Gallegos says.

     As a child, Gallegos lived in Chicago and then moved to Fort Worth when she was 10. Even as a kid, her dream job was to be a teacher, but it was her high school marketing teacher, Mrs.Watkins, who inspired her to become a teacher. 

    “My high school marketing teacher, Mrs. Watkins, is the reason that I wanted to be a teacher," Gallegos said. "She encouraged us to try new things, find something we were passionate about, and challenge ourselves to think outside the box."

   Gallegos also explained how Watkins helped build confidence in her students by requiring them to fully commit to the projects. 

   "I learned that I could do so much more than I ever thought I could," Gallegos said. "She took time with us and wanted us to do something special in life and helped us find a way to do it all.”

     Gallegos attended Texas Christian University. She chose this college because she loved the size and easy going feel of the campus. Gallegos earned a bachelor’s degree and holds a generalist and a grades 4-8 certification.

     In Gallegos’ spare time she hangs out with her children who are four and seven. Another thing she does in her spare time is decorating cakes. Gallegos' favorite color is purple, and her favorite food is pizza. Giordano’s Pizza is her favorite place to dine.

By Manvi Sharma