SHERO Girls Club

  • A girls club designed to build self-esteem as well as improve values and character skills in young ladies in grades 3-5 has been started by Briscoe School Counselor Angela Kyser-Cohen.


    The club, called S.H.E.R.O., stands for: She is a HealthyEducated, and Responsible and Outstanding young lady. It is a youth development organization dedicated to promoting health, social, educational, vocational and character development in the lives of its young participants.


    Kyser-Cohen promised that there will be many fun and exciting activities for young ladies who take part in the club. Kudos to Mrs. Kyser-Cohen for making a difference in the lives of Briscoe girls!!!


Urban Life Boys Club

  • Seeing that young males at Briscoe Elementary School were in dire need of male role models, Kindergarten Teacher Derrick Spencer Sr. wasted no time putting a dynamic program in place. 


    Spencer, who joined Briscoe in 2009-2010, is founder of the Urban Life Boys Club, an organization that seeks to give at risk students a new outlook on life.  The club provides professional role models for the youth and exposes them to cultural activities in a positive, caring environment.


    The club's goal is to decrease truancy and reduce the number of discipline referrals while also enhancing student morale and self-esteem.  All of the male educators at Briscoe have joined forces to make the club a success.

    Every other Wednesday is "Dress for Success Day," for the young participants in the club.  The boys and their male role models wear a white shirt with tie and Khaki brown slacks.


    Spencer has secured funding for two outings so far this year.  The boys recently enjoyed a trip to The Ballpark in Arlington where they watched a Texas Rangers game.  In addition, they participanted in a UMOJA May Day in the Park event.


    Hats off to Mr. Spencer and his male colleagues for helping to improve the lives of young boys at Briscoe Elementary School!!!