House System

    Sunrise McMillian House System


    The purpose of the Sunrise House System is to build relationships between students and staff, and create a positive school climate and culture.  Based off of the house system created by respected educator, Ron Clark, the students in each house work together to earn points for their house and work towards incentives, while also building character.  Each of the 6 houses has a randomly selected similar number of students from each grade level, as well as several adult staff members.  These houses are:

    • Altruismo (meaning Givers)
    • Fidelis (meaning Trustworthiness)
    • Isibindi (meaning Courage)
    • Officium (meaning Responsibility)
    • Reveur (meaning Dreamers)
    • Secundum (meaning Respect)

    For more information concering the house system, click on the link below: