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Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Anna Trimble

 Anna Trimble is a Social Studies teacher and has taught at McLean Sixth for four years. She attended Howard Payne University earning a Bachelor of Science in elementary education. She also earned a Master's of Religious Education from Southwestern Theological Seminary. She has taught for 38 years.
      Ms. Trimble wanted to be a nurse when she was younger, but her first grade teacher, Mrs. Hill, inspired her to be a teacher because she wanted to write with chalk on the board. The thing that she loves most about teaching are the kids because no two days are the same. Ms. Trimble prefers to teach Social Studies because it goes with her lifestyle.
       Some of Ms. Trimble's other jobs before teaching were subbing for teachers, a personal trainer, worked at daycares, department stores, parks and recreation, a lifeguard and she taught swimming lessons.
       In her spare time, she invites teachers over to play board games, reads, and likes to watch sports. Some of her favorite things are the color green, Mexican food, reading the Bible, playing volleyball and watching football if her son is playing. Her favorite restaurants are Uncle Julio's and Juan's Burrito Express. Ms. Trimble loves dogs and used to have some.

       Ms. Trimble loves to travel. If she could go anywhere in the world, it would be Hawaii, Australia and also Israel so she could see where Jesus lived.

by Arianna Boyd and Berivan Hama Kareem