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    North Hi Mount House system is a team concept that builds relationship between students and staff on campus. Each of the four houses represents our goals at North Hi Mount. At the beginning of the school year, students and new staff members will randomly select their house, a family they will be a part of for their rest of their time in North Hi Mount.






    This house is Spanish for Integrity. Their motto is “Honest, fair and united”. Integridad proudly wears the color red.



    This house is Hawaiian for Leadership. Their motto is “Leaders standing tall”. Alaka’I proudly wears the color purple.





    This house is Zulu for Respect. Their motto is “Honorable, supportive and passionate about equality for all”. Esaba proudly wears the color black.



    This house is German for Hardwork. Their motto is “Don’t stop, won’t stop”. Ausdauer proudly wears the color green.